08 February 2012

Artist Spotlight: Rudder North

My cousin drew my attention to this band on his blog last Tuesday. This here is a cover of When You Were Young, by the Killers. And, really, who doesn't love this song? 

Rudder North is a band of two guys from my home state of Maryland. They have a light, acoustic sound that seems to me to be very vocal focused. They definitely have skills with music, but they don't drown out the lyrics or vocals with music, which is something I'm fond of. According to their Facebook page, they play over seven instruments, including harmonica. But if you don't like harmonica, it's still cool, because it's in the background. It's also pretty awesome that they both play multiple instruments at once. I mean, I have some rhythm, but not when it comes to keeping a steady beat for a long time (think Jerry Van Dyke or The Jerk), so I can't imagine trying to keep two different rhythms (we can discuss drummers later). 

Anyway, check out their website, Facebook, and Myspace.


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