29 February 2012

Artist Spotlight: Arcade Fire

This is definitely a band worth knowing.

Arcade Fire hails from Canada (let's avoid the jokes, please). They were formed in 2001 and have continued strong ever since, even winning a Grammy and several other awards in 2011.You may have heard snippets of their music in the Benjamin Button or Where the Wild Things Are movie previews.

And, if you had any doubt about how awesome they are, here's the really exciting news: Arcade Fire is going to have a song on the Hunger Games soundtrack!!! (P.S. I'm so insanely stoked for that movie, hence all the exclamation points). 

Check out their websiteMyspace, and Facebook.

My favorite song is My Body Is A Cage. What's yours? 



Kelly said...

One of my very favorite bands. I like no cars go and we used to wait :)

ps, have you tried their interactive video with google earth? Pretty cool :)

Scout said...

I haven't. I intend to look it up, except it says it's helpful to close other windows, and I'm always using a bunch at once, so I'm not quite ready yet ;)