03 February 2012

Friday Love

I love this song. It's so much fun. I wish I could have found the music video for you - it's funny.
The Lovecats by The Cure on Grooveshark

The Hunger Games trilogy. I bet you had no idea.
Side note: After looking at photos of the Hunger Games cast, I'm kind of nervous about it. What do you guys think?

Simon & Garfunkel. I can hardly stop listening to them lately. I've only interrupted their music for 80s hits. This is the song I've most recently fallen in love with.
Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m. by Simon & Garfunkel on Grooveshark

I also love that, on his website, Art Garfunkel has a list of every book he's read since 1968. I think I'm going to start one this year.

This lovely photograph found at Selby.

My favorite line from The Jerk.

Sorry there's not more this week - things have just been hectic. I should hopefully be all set for this week, though!


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