02 February 2012

It's a boy!

I got my computer back! I don't really know how to feel about it. It doesn't feel like I got my computer back. It feels like that one is lost forever and this is a new computer - it doesn't feel like mine, even though it still has most of my music - which, really, is super great, but...I don't know. It just feels weird, like it's not my computer.
In an effort to make it mine, I think I'm going to rename it. Before it was Myrtle. It's new now, though, so it needs a new name. Any suggestions? I'm generally fond of weird and old names.
I think it's a boy this time, but feel free to suggest girl names.

Also, here are some snapshots of when I was putting my photos up in the coffee shop. The photo isn't great, but I think my business cards turned out pretty well. There is a different photograph on every one.


P.S. Check out this sweet giveaway hosted by Rachael at Talk2theTrees! But...maybe you shouldn't participate, because then it's even less likely that I'll win ;)


JoBro said...

First...do you (by chance) want to somehow make a backup of your musics? I don't know how you would or could, but it might be a good idea...it would save you from the worst case scenario should it happen again down the road.

Second...Andy is a pretty weird boy name...otherwise...ummmmm...Sneff? You could use a name generator..."Seventh Sanctum" has lotsa types of name generators. :-)

Kelly said...

External Hard Drive.

Definitely worth the investment. I have a 1 terabyte drive that I got for a little under $100, and it's where I store all of my photographs.

Scout said...

I think Andy is just a pretty weird boy :)

Scout said...

Good advice - I might have to look into that. I was trying to put my photos on DVDs before, but it wasn't working, and then everything went. I think I'm actually starting to appreciate the clean slate.

Lindsay said...

I've always gone for futuristic or nerdy sounding boy names for my electronics. My computer is Sven II, and my iPod's Simon II. Ha, I like Spock, too. What's with the "S's?" (And what's with that punctuation?)

And, how awesome that you're getting to put up your photography. Which coffee shop is this?

Scout said...

C&C Coffee in Chambersburg. Have you been in the area with Phillip Johnston?