21 February 2012

Shop Talk

There hasn't been much happening concerning my Etsy shop, Hooks and Reels, but I have big plans for March! I'm working on new designs and products so I can load up my shop. Then, in March, I'm going to donate half of the money I receive to an anti-trafficking fund! I'm pretty excited about the idea.
Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from yesterday's shoot.

I'm also working on a new bag pattern. This one is unfinished because I ran out of the right color of yarn.

I think the modeling is my favorite part, whether I'm modeling or photographing someone else.



Anonymous said...

Love the rainbow clutch! I can't wait to see the new listings. You are truly talented!!!

Scout said...

Thanks so much, Deni! That really means a lot. And I'm so glad you like the rainbow clutch! I'm really excited about that one :)

Lindsay said...

Way to go, girl. Your idea to give to the anti-trafficking force is so admirable!