12 February 2012


Making Valentines. It's not very fun.

 Mailing merch from my store.

Finger knitting. Also, the nail polish that's coming off and looks terrible? It's "xtreme wear". Yeah right. 

You could hear the hum of the electricity. 
(Hm. Reminds me of Hunger Games.)

I sold a picture at the coffee shop, so I'm getting this one ready to sell. 

I'm working on illustrating a children's book and I found I work better with markers - which I had to arrange so the colors flowed together. I also had to leave out three that didn't flow as well. 
"They used to call me anal girl"

Pretty shadows.

This is a drawing I did sometime earlier this year. I wanted to do a quick, simple, sketch, with at least a hint of a 60s vibe. It came out exactly like I wanted. I love doodles. 

I've been eating a vegetarian diet this week. The first two foods are apple and feta pizza and bean burgers. Read about them here

It snowed again. I'm so ready for warm weather - more than I've ever been in my life, but I still find snow beautiful and magical. I wish I could capture on film how slowly the snow falls. 



earlynovemberlove said...

Making valentines isn't very fun? Was that sarcastic? Also, it reminds me of freshman year valentimes ;)

Scout said...

Oh, Freshman year was fun - I was reminiscing about the owl one I made when I was working on this year's. This year, though, it's stressing me out.