04 October 2011

Artist Spotlight: Hollow Wood

Okay, I'm kind of cheating with this...um...episode. 

Let me explain. One of my favorite things to find when perusing various blogs is new music. Well, yesterday on I Just Might Explode, Kara introduced her readers to Hollow Wood. Take a listen:
Campfire by Hollow Wood

Pretty fantastic, no? The singer's voice reminds me of The Suite C. And one of their musical influences is Bob Dylan. I mean, what else do you need to know? Anyway, I'm not going to tell you much about them because Kara already did and I don't want to steal her thunder. However, I do want you to listen to them! You can listen to their whole album here. And don't forget to check out Kara's post about them! 

Pictures by Liberty Joy and Darian Miles found on their website.

Hollow Wood's website and Facebook.


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