06 October 2011

"Love One Another"

Oh man. Today was so fantastic. 

It all started when I went to Target to get some long sleeve shirts. The ones I liked were $12 - way too much for just a regular shirt. However, after searching a bit longer, I found long sleeve shirts for $8. They weren't as pretty as the others, but they were a decent price for a plain ol' shirt. 
But that's not the fantastic part. 
I was in the checkout line waiting for my turn when I spotted it: a LIFE Magazine devoted solely to George Harrison, my favorite Beatle. 

Isn't it beautiful? It's 112 pages long and full of pretty glossy photos of George and the Beatles. 
Now, this sucker was expensive. $15 for a magazine! You might be thinking I'm a hypocrite for not wanting to spend $12 on a shirt and then paying $15 for a magazine. You might be right. 
But I don't care. 
I figure, I love the Beatles, George is my favorite Beatle, the magazine won't get any cheaper...ever...unless I happened upon it at a yard sale years from now, which is unlikely, and years down the road I'll still like the magazine and maybe my kids or grandkids will find it and be excited about it, too. 

What exciting things happened to you today? 


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