31 December 2011

Family Photos

Different family members of mine have had out old photographs, so I decided to scan some and share them with you. 

1. New Year's dinner, 1973 2. My mom's birthday, 1968
 3. My grandma, Christmas 1972 4. My uncle and mom on my mom's birthday in 1973. 

My dad's family, minus two older brothers. My dad is behind the blue shirt boy. 

My father. The middle one is from 1982. 

My mommy, 1980.

1983. I love this one.

My parents and my mom's mom. 

My parents' wedding. 

The children. 
My brother. Of course, I picked out the more entertaining photos. 

I'm not sure if I had a drinking problem or my neighbor just hadn't introduced me to coffee yet (which she apparently did when I was a baby). 

Me and Pop Pop. I think this one is pretty fantastic, too. 

1. American Girl doll  2. Who knows.  3. Dancing in the rain...something I will never grow out of. 

 Case in point: 


Best picture ever. 

Miscellaneous family. 
In Canada on my tenth birthday. We were there with our fife & drum corps for a reenactment of some battle or war or something. I was too little to care. Actually...I just find that kind of thing boring. 

1. A news crew on the reenactment scene. I was on television - for three seconds when they asked how old I was. 2. Practicing our performance in the motel parking lot. Four points each if you can spot my brother and dad. 

Man, I am soooo cool. I think the trophy is from baton twirling. And Sister's hair looks pretty awesome, don't you think? 

"But don't worry, it's nothing embarrassing. Not anything like baton twirling or anything." - Miss Congeniality

My many talents. Rocking hat trends, baton twirling, and fife-ing. 
PS. I used-ta-could fife all these but the last two

One of three cousins named Josh. 

Okay, fine, I'm done. Promise.

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earlynovemberlove said...

I love the ones of your mom, the 3 in a row. And of course that one of your parents is ADORABLE. Also, I don't think I knew you used to twirl batons...that's all. :)