05 December 2011

Snapshots of the Week

Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine on Grooveshark

My weirdo cat likes to play in plastic bags. 

This is what happens to your english muffin when you're too busy taking photos of avacados to get your toast out in time. 

Christmas decorations.

Arts and crafts. 


Making coffee brownies (I found this recipe, but ended up using my regular brownie recipe with the suggested amount of instant coffee) and expertly cracking one egg (out of the required three) with one hand. Someday, I will crack eggs as refined as Audrey Hepburn.
Did I mention that coffee brownies are the best thing ever? 
 (PS. Taking pictures one handed is very difficult. Using your shoulder helps)

Finally figuring out a schnazzy new hair-do. 

My kitty. Again. I can't help it. 
First bite, then lick. 

Ginger *snap*! I tried to make these before but they were too sweet. This recipe, however, was fantastic! I didn't chill the dough first, though, so they spread kind of thin. I'm too impatient when it comes to food. And everything. 


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