23 September 2012

Snapshots: Catch Up Time!

So, I haven't done a snapshots post for, what was it, two or three weeks? Luckily for you, I kept out a ton of the photos I took, that way you weren't overwhelmed. Anyway, these past few weeks have included Sunday afternoons with friends (hence the lack of Snapshots posts), work, a weird mix of summer and fall weather, lots of coffee, pumpkin pies and lattes, super hero movies, reading, and bouquets of sharpened pencils received in the mail.

What have you been up to lately?



Kelly said...

That first one is so dreamy!

And I love a good sharpened pencil.

Scout said...

And the pencils actually came from a bouquet of sharpened pencils that I received in the mail :)

Jemarie said...

This is the end of summer/beginning of fall, all wrapped up in one neat little blog post.

Scout said...

Yes it is. That's how I felt about it, too :)

Drew said...

Beautiful photos! Loving the fall vibe they have about them!

Scout said...

Thanks so much, Drew!