02 September 2012


Apricot tea. Harper's Ferry. Work. Eating a fig for the first time every. Family time. Playing "Big Booty" with French kids.



Courtney Snook said...

Great photos! I love the shot of the fig. How did you like it? I love dried figs, they're so tasty!

Scout said...

Thanks! I actually wasn't impressed. It didn't taste much like anything, but I might have just gotten a bad one.

Blytheponytailparades said...

These are all so gorgeous. Ugh, that leaf has me excited for fall.

Kelly said...

I had a very similar tea strainer, but I lost it! I need to get a new one :)

Scout said...

Blythe - thanks! I'm so excited for autumn - and the food! I'm dying to have spiced everything!

Kelly - I hope you find it! Er...one. We have a heart shaped one, but it strains differently, so I like this one better.