13 September 2012

Tattoo Pt. 3 - The Reveal

Here they are! The one on the left is a quote from Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man. It says, "and but for the skies there are no fences facing." It's my favorite line from my favorite Dylan song, and totally fits the meaning I wanted. It's also in my own handwriting!

Now, as you can see, this tattoo is blurry. That was not supposed to be the case. The tattoo guy said if my font was too small, it would get blurry with time. Mine was blurry from the start. I'm hoping that it doesn't stay this way, but we'll see. It would suck, of course, but I'm actually not too upset by the fact that it's blurry. I still know what my tattoo says, and it was for me in the first place, so if other people can't read it, it doesn't make much difference. What would upset me most is if I changed my font size (I actually wanted it much smaller!) and the tattoo guy didn't tell me it wasn't large enough - if he let me get a blurry tattoo.

The second tattoo is a bird silhouette. Don't ask what kind of bird - I don't know. I just picked a shape that I liked - one with it's wings spread wide. I'd been toying with the idea of a bird tattoo since I started thinking of getting a tattoo at all. I finally decided to go with it because it has meaning to me and it went well with the Bob Dylan quote. I knew I wanted a tattoo on each wrist, and I knew I wanted them to go well together, and these two ideas that I loved worked perfectly.

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Sally said...

I love it! If I ever got a tattoo, I've always thought I might do a bird in flight, too, maybe on my shoulder?

I think it looks great, your handwriting is so pretty!

Julia said...

These are great! I didn't even realize that you had one on both wrists, but now I love them even more!

vvvv said...

sparrow tattoo! haha

Scout said...

Sally - thanks! My mom actually suggested I do it in my own handwriting, and I'm so glad she did!

Julia and vvvv - I'm glad you like them :)

Courtney Snook said...

They look great! I love the quote especially :)

Scout said...

Thanks :) I like it, too ;)