10 July 2011

Artist Spotlight: Sleeping at Last

It usually takes me a long time to decide my favorite bands. I have to carefully weigh the music, lyrics, and vocals to make sure they all measure up, and I wait for several months until I finally declare a band my favorite. I don’t want to pick too rashly because what if I only like the band for a month or two? That said, Sleeping at Last is one of my four favorite bands, and has been since I first discovered them about two years ago. I think what I love most about them is their beautiful sound. They have a very full, fairytale sound that reminds me of a dream. 

Most of their lyrics lean toward a deeper side of things, such as their songs Birdcage Religion, Na├»ve, and Quicksand. However, the band also has their fair share of lighthearted songs, like Umbrellas and Next to Me. Singer Ryan O’Neal has a beautiful strong voice and the songs have a way of reaching deep inside, awakening yearning for more and the hope of better things. I'm pretty certain he has the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. One of my favorites, lyrically, is Silhouettes.

Sleeping at Last, formed in 1998, stems from Wheaton, Illinois. The band currently consists of singer Ryan O’Neal and Dan Perdue. O’Neal provides vocals and music, including piano, ukulele, guitar, and keyboard. Perdue provides bass, piano, and keyboards, among others. Be sure to check out their: 

Website. Facebook. Myspace. Or download their free music sampler from Noisetrade

Sleeping at Last is also currently working on a Yearbook collection – 3 songs every month for a year, ending in September. Be sure to check it out! You can order it through their store or via this link

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