02 July 2011

Friday Love

1. First on my mind ([cheesealert] and maybe my heart [/cheesealert]): Beatles paraphernalia! I probably wouldn't buy the blanket, but...if it was cheap enough, I'd probably buy any of the other items.
[here and here]

2. Frasier. I saw this post and realized that I really do love this show, I just tend to forget about it. I think it's absolutely hilarious, but for some reason, it seems to get overlooked. Maybe because it's so old. Anyway. I still love it.

here via here.

3. This pretty door from here.

4. This amazing dance. Oh, how I wish I had taken more dance classes growing up! I would love to be a ballerina.


1 comment:

earlynovemberlove said...

You+Beatles suitcase=match made in heaven.

And I love that door so so so much. Just wondering what it's doing leaning against a wall instead of, yanno, in a doorway :)