11 July 2011

Stolen Pictures and Words of Truth

I stole these pictures from Rachel from talk2thetrees, from this post.



JoBro said...

I can't help but say that there is still enough importance in the way the ladies act and dress that we can't just ignore it...it does matter, it does have an effect...that said, I do think this is a huge point that unfortunately gets overlooked. :-(

Scout said...

The point here is not that women should be allowed to dress slutty. The point is, a woman dressed in revealing clothes is NEVER asking to be raped, as so many people claim.
Rape is not caused by women dressing immodestly. It's caused by a man forcing a woman to "perform" according to his unrestrained desires.

Yes, women should be responsible, but,

(note: the caps are to replace the lack of italics).