01 April 2011

Bein' Artsy

Confession: I stole my roommate's paint.
I love painting. It calms me down. It makes sense of chaos, or at least makes it beautiful.
So, today when I has having a mini freak out, I stole my roommate's paint so I could calm down.
This is what came of it.

Splatter painting:
 The floor afterward:
 Cleaning the muffin pan:
 Finished projects [The quality is somewhat juvenile, but my art is meant to be therapeutic more than anything else]: 
This is actually just a small section of a painting, but I thought the rest looked pretty stupid.
I love this one:
 This idea came to me a couple weeks ago. If I do it again, I'm going to have the fingertips turning skin colored, like life is coming back into them.
 I'm probably going to put a quote of some sort in the corner of this. Either lyrics from the Beatles' Blackbird, or something from Matthew 6 or Luke 12.

That's all.

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