11 April 2011

Paper Chain

My roommate is wonderful.
I was definitely feeling glum today, so my roommate suggested we make something. I'm not sure what she originally suggested, but we eventually decided on a paper chain - first just long enough to count down the days until summer, but then it grew to be long enough to go across our room several times.
So we set to work.
We pulled out magazines, newspaper, wrapping paper, graph paper, and an old book, and started cutting up strips. Shortly after, I started stapling the loops together while Julia found more pretty colors and patterns to cut into strips.
Our floor: 
 Hanging up the chain:
 The rebellious yellow link that decided to not actually be part of the whole chain:
 We used a ton of tape - some of the links were kind of reluctant to stick to the wall.
 Julia climbed on her wardrobe to attach the final chain and she wanted me to join her. It was quite difficult - I'm only so tall.
Note the tiny chair I used to boost myself up:
 We had to re-tape some of them so they wouldn't fall down.
 Julia wanted to do a jumping picture. 
I did not.
 She threatened.
 She begged.
 We both threatened our camera woman to take the picture at the right time - we didn't want any excessive jumping.
 A "successful" jumping photo.

So, in addition to my regular clutter, we now have a humongous paper chain attacking our ceiling!



lydiabeth. said...

LOVE. :)

Ducky said...

All 3 of you make me more than slightly happy :-)

Anna said...

I feel that I got more than my fair share of threats for spending an hour and a half helping you guys when I was just coming in to ask a question... =) That aside, it's pretty awesome.