21 April 2011

A One Track Mind

All I can think about is summer (and the bazillion things that includes):
Going home. 
Seeing my family. 
Sleeping in my bed in my room. 
Eating real food. 
Sitting on the couch watching NCIS, Criminal Minds, and old movies while enjoying a cup of joe. 
Not having to do homework. 
Potentially getting a job. 
Getting my driver's license. 
Maybe taking summer classes (and whether that is a wise or dreadful decision). 
Going on adventures.
Making dinner.
My kitty! 
Wondering about my next chapter and when it will start. 
Old friends. 
Father/daughter dates: Fishing, making things, watching Clint Eastwood movies
Time to blog. 
Learning guitar from my sister.
Summer weather. 
Hanging out with my mom.
Lightning bugs. 
Cheeseburgers (favorite food and they just aren't the same when they aren't homemade).
Sleeping with the window open. 

I'm so glad there's only 17 days left. I've been so apathetic towards homework this semester. I'm honestly amazed I've made it this far (So sad, isn't it?).


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