15 April 2011

Campfire Discussions: The Most Important Thing (Maybe)

I love little things. A smile. A friendly conversation in the grocery store. Someone picking a flower and giving it to me. A compliment. When someone remembers to ask about something (like mentioning something in a previous conversation and they check up on you). Lovely weather. Finding something you love at a yard sale. Small moments with friends. Good food or coffee.
I love little things.
It is one of my goals (that I'm not very good at) to find the good in every situation - to always be thankful because there are always little blessings around you, even when everything seems to suck. And, later, when I'm looking back on my life, which will mean more to me? Spending hours studying and making good grades, or enjoying a good book (recently Bambi)? Little things may be little, but they add up. I firmly believe that they are the most important things in life. They can drive you crazy, they can build your character, they can teach you how to live life to the fullest. They can make your life amazing.
It seems to me that the little things always have the biggest impact.

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lydiabeth. said...

I read a quote today that your post reminded me of:
"I never back away...I relish life." Elizabeth Taylor.