04 April 2011

It's Not Your Birthday!

Actually, it is. Well, it's my mom's birthday. Hi, Mom! Happy birthday!
This is her:

She's beautiful, but she doesn't think so.
She's super nice to people.
She doesn't always say what she means :)
Sometimes she cooks dinner. Not often enough, in my opinion, but when she does it's always good.
This is a song I know she likes:

These are some songs that I think she likes:

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As part of your birthday present, Mom, I'm not going to post that really funny quote you said the other day, about that girl's hat :) Just cause I love you.

Anyway, I really do love you, Mom. You've taught me a lot about how to treat people and about what music I should listen to, like the Beatles. Thanks for everything, and happy birthday!


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