18 July 2012

A Time For Peace

Hey, y'all. Things around here have been so crazy lately. For about a month, we had a constant flow of people going through our house - church friends and neighbors coming over to swim, the whole extended family staying for the holiday, my brother and his wife making their summer visit, and my brother's friends coming over to visit him. Now, my house is not very big. It's your standard three bedroom house. We counted how many people were here on the most crowded day and got at least 50 people at my house all at once!
On Monday, the last of our company left, so I've been spending this week recuperating. I've been reading, crocheting, cooking, watching reruns of just about anything (hello, NCIS and Frasier!), sleeping in, and enjoying the peace and quiet. Don't get me wrong - I love people. However, people exhaust me, so right now I'm glad for the break.

What do y'all do to relax?



hailey said...

our visitors are all finally gone too! i've been reading, napping, going on walks...and listening to music :)

earlynovemberlove said...

Are you wearing knee high socks with flip flops while reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn?...hmm, sounds like something I would do :) Let's be friends.

Scout said...

Hailey - Sounds lovely! Although it's wayyyy to hot out to go for walks here.

Andrea - I love how almost every one of your comments ends with "let's be friends". And yes, yes I am simultaneously wearing knee socks, wearing flip flops, and reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. We should be friends :)