15 July 2012


Ceramic knives are strong.

On repeat all week.

I love her books so much.

Cheesy Family Portraits.

My sister.


I bought my first food processor!

Berry picking.



vvvv said...

middle picture xbox360???????

Kristin T said...

I have a ninja blender and food processor. I love it! It works so well! So worth it.

Scout said...

VVVV - I'm not sure. It's x-box...is there more than x-box 360? I'm definitely not the gamer in my house.

Kristin - I've only used mine twice, but I love it so far! What all do you make with yours? Now that I have a food processor, I can't remember the recipes I found that used one.

Courtney Snook said...

I love the family photo. It's pretty great!
I've never used a ceramic knife before - are they good?

Scout said...

Thanks! I was actually going for super cheesy, but they ended up looking pretty fun. I guess that's cool, too :)
As for ceramic knives - we've only had ours for awhile. They chip easily, if you toss them around and whatnot, but they're definitely sharp. I'd recommend getting a small one and seeing what you think. They aren't expensive, either :)

Kelly said...

Yay, a food processor!!!

I got one for a wedding gift, and I actually use it pretty regularly! I'm actually planning to make some pesto in a minute here...

Let me know if you discover any good food processor recipes!

Scout said...

I will! Right now I've only been making smoothies, but I'm considering hummus, almond milk, almond butter (whenever I run out of the supply I just bought), bean burgers, and salsa. I've also been told that chicken salad is really easy to make with one, but I don't like chicken salad, so I won't be doing that :P