31 July 2012

July Reading

I spent July with family, working long hours, and reading, reading, reading. Along with these books, I also read two other Agatha Christie books, and Tomorrow Will Be Better, by Betty Smith.
Have you read anything good lately?



Meli said...

Always!! I just finished F Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, and am reading The Birth of Venus. Were all of these ones good?

Courtney Snook said...

I've been meaning to read The Help for a little while, I'd love to hear your opinion on it!

I started reading Game of Thrones, and was loving it but then accidentally left it at a friends house 10 hours away! It was fantastic though, I should find a digital copy while I wait for her to post it to me.

I also read Darkly Dreaming Dexter (finally!) the other day and it was awesome. If you've seen the tv show, it doesn't hold any surprises, but it is so well written, witty and easy to read. I can't wait to get my hands on the other Dexter books!

Scout said...

Meli - I think I asked you before, what do you like about F. Scott Fitzgerald? Is The Birth of Venus also by him? And I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books I read - although I'm unsure about the ending of The Giver and The History of Love was slightly confusing.

Courtney - The Help is so beautiful! The movie does a pretty good summary and is equally beautiful, but of course the book has more to it. I'd recommend both :)
I haven't heard of either of those! Maybe I will look them up. What is Dexter about? I think I'm confusing it with another show.

Courtney Snook said...

Haha well, Games of Thrones is kind of violent and about corrupt rulers in a medieval style fiction world, it's fantastic! Dexter is about a serial killer who only murders killers who have escaped the law - kind of gory but weirdly addictive!

Scout said...

Hm.Part of me thinks those sound really intriguing, and the other part of me thinks I'm not sure I'd like them - like they'd be a bit too much for me. I'll have to look them up!