12 July 2012

Berry Picking

On the ride home from work today my mom told me how she had found a ton of raspberry bushes on the side of the road by our house. We went home, changed clothes, and went right back out to pick them.

This view definitely kept thinking about made me think of Red Riding Hood - I half expected a wolf to come out to get me. This thought led me to...
Singing this song:
I Know Things Now by Original Broadway Cast on Grooveshark

I also felt very hippie-like, out on the side of the road picking berries. This led me to...
Singing this song:
This Land Is Your Land by Jars of Clay on Grooveshark

This is what happens when I find a spider in my berry bucket.

Spooky, right?

What's your favorite summer fruit? Raspberries are mine, but we rarely get them at my house.



Meli said...

I like peaches! Haha, these pictures turned out really cool!

Scout said...

Haha! Thanks! I was actually thinking I should have taken more time on them :P I'm glad you like them!
Oh man. Peaches. I want peaches so badly. When are they in season, anyway?

earlynovemberlove said...

My favorite is raspberries too! We have so much in common! We should be friends! ;) Since tomatoes are technically a fruit, I'm also going to say tomatoes. I wish you could get summer tomatoes all year round, they're so much tastier.

Scout said...

Friends? I'll think about it ;)
I feel like tomatoes should not be a fruit because, in my book, you eat fruit just the way it is, and eating tomatoes like that is gross. Not that it takes much to make them tasty - just bacon/lettuce/bread or balsamic vinegar/cheese/basil.