09 November 2011

Artist Spotlight: Ed Sheeran

My friend showed me this video last week. I about had a heart attack when I thought Rupert Grint was singing. It's not him, though. It's actually Ed Sheeran. Rupert Grint is only lip syncing. 

Anyway, he's a pretty spectacular singer, in my opinion, and he also beat boxes, which generally gets you some cool points in my book. If you pay attention, you can also see that he named his guitar Nigel. More cool points for naming inanimate objects.

British Sheeran began recording and performing in 2005. He recorded several EPs and performed hundreds of times, but his career never seemed to take off. In 2010, Sheeran flew to Los Angeles, presumably to try his luck in America. He performed when he could and was eventually "discovered" by Jamie Foxx. He also grew his Youtube fanbase and released more EPs.In mid 2011, Sheeran's song, The A Team, reached number 3 on UK charts.

He is currently developing his career through performances, kudos from people like Elton John, releasing albums, and finding more fans online.

This last song is pretty rough, and there is foul language in it, but the story is one that needs to be told. I recommend you listen to it and check out the lyrics, here.

Check out Shareen's website and Myspace, and click here for a free download! 


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