11 November 2011

A Day In Pictures

Or, part of my day in pictures. 

 Please note the lack of enough tea leaves to find any sort of picture. Thanks, Harry Potter. 

Shooting star

And, as if I wasn't excited enough for the new Hobbit movie, my friend showed me this:
Please note, Peter Jackson named his cameras. Please also note, Peter Jackson named four of his cameras after the Beatles. Brilliant.
I definitely do not want to wait a year for this movie. But it will so be worth it. 



Julia said...

At least you can't see the grim in your cup :)

Also, because I don't want to be that person who comments on a million of your posts, I really like your room. How did you put the bookshelves under your bed? Who said the quote about loving crooked people with your crooked heart? I feel like I should know that one....

Third (or maybe sixth, I'm not really keeping count), I like your new blog design :) Happy Sunday!

Scout said...

The quote is from this poem: http://users.crocker.com/~slinberg/poems/auden/asiwalked.html
And thanks!