13 November 2011

Way back in August, I showed you guys some photos of my terribly messy room. What I didn't tell you was that shortly after that we completely redid my bedroom. I wanted to show you guys - I'm so proud of my room, you know, like a little kid - but I wanted to wait until I had a good camera and until I found room for all of my stuff. It's a tiny room, after all. 
Anyway, here are some photos of what my room looks like now. Except...it's already messy again,because I just got a bunch of stuff back from where I was keeping it during the summer - so it'd be handy when I went back to school (which didn't happen, if you were unaware). 

The picture in the middle - with the ribbon - was stolen from I Just Might Explode. I took the five around the left and top. 

These two are two of my favorite photographs ever, and they are stolen from Will Vastine

I read online that this is a Bob Dylan quote, so I have no idea who really said it. 

Flowers, peace, a dinosaur, miscellaneous jewelry and buttons in a cup, and a photograph that was accidentally mailed to me that I have yet to return. 

Jewelry and make up. 

Another flower from another friend. 

I have an unnatural love for flannel/plaid shirts. 

My collection of Agatha Christie books, and the Raid I keep by my bed in case of spiders or intruders while everyone else is sleeping. 

Please not my excessive Harry Potter paraphernalia: Harry Potter chess, Harry Potter Scene It, Harry Potter playing cards, Harry Potter Uno cards. Not pictured: Harry Potter books, a couple Harry Potter movies, Hermione's Wand, and a Harry Potter Snitch. 
And as if that weren't nerdy enough, my other favorite games are word games.  

I hate spiders. 

My beautiful bookshelf. It's almost overflowing now that I've added the books I had in storage. 

This pretty lamp was bought for me by my aunt. I love it. And the cute little porcupine smells like pumpkin spice, so that's what I smell every night as I'm falling asleep. 



earlynovemberlove said...

Nice! And don't think I didn't notice the Neutral Milk Hotel quote by the lamp.

Scout said...

I don't even listen to Neutral Milk Hotel...I just saw the quote somewhere and loved it.