27 November 2011

Some Thanksgiving Photos

The best part. 

Downtown and antique-ing. 

Snowman costume. 

Why are there quotes?

Tea shop. 

Some acquired items. 

I spy with my little eye...
(Did you find it?)

Okay...a TON of photos. 


earlynovemberlove said...

I'm more disturbed by the "Free ham to anyone 80 and over and accompanied by a parent." Were they like mocking old people? How often do 80 year olds still have their parents around?...The quote around fresh made me laugh though. Goooood advertising...
Is that a deer or something?

Scout said...

First, yes, it's weird that they want parents, but did you see there are quotes around "ham"? What is "ham"?
Second, ding ding! You win the prize! It is a deer.

Lydia Beth said...

GASP! is that....Harry Potter Clue!?!?!?

Jemarie said...

I love love love this. And I especially like the plants collage. So colorful, but so winter-y feeling. It seems like those should be contradictory, but they aren't.