18 November 2011

Friday Love

I kind of love this song. I know it's corny, but...whatever.

I love the movie Newsies. I'm super excited that it's going to be on Broadway! Not that I'll be able to see it, I'm sure.

Pretty pictures

This comic. I've definitely made this face before, when getting angry at things like wind. It's also very similar to my "I just woke up" face.

This scene. Actually, this whole movie.

New Girl. Definitely one of my favorite shows, and when Justin Long showed up on this week's episode, it got a thousand times better. Unfortunately, the rumor is he'll only be here for three episodes. 


1 comment:

Lydia Beth said...

When I was watching New Girl this past week, I giggled and smiled the whole time because Justin Long was on it. :) Can we please watch He's Just Not That Into You sometime soon? :)