19 November 2011

Snapshots of My Week

My kitten hiding.

So delicious.

Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboyne, Jack Nicholson as Wilber Force.

Homemade pretzels.

Finished this baby. Definitely one of my favorite HP books. 

Started this one. The beginning is so confusing...I haven't gotten very far.

Cricket really isn't that good at hiding.

Chopping wood. Physics wins again! It was cool, but I also felt kind of bad, considering I grew up watching Fern Gully. 

This one looks like a belly button. Insert giggle here. 

This one came apart like a puzzle piece. 

Someone scribbled all over the inside. 

Making lunch for my family. My aunt used to cut up PBJ sandwiches like this when I would visit. Definitely the best way to eat them. 



earlynovemberlove said...

Wait, did I know about Cricket already?...I feel like I didn't.

Jemarie said...

I really enjoy your photos, pal. :D