18 January 2012

Artist Spotlight: Fun

Let's talk about Fun. 

Fun is a band comprised of Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost [Anathallo], and Jack Antonoff [Steel Trains], and boy, do they live up to their name. They are one of my favorites bands. I don’t really know what to say about them without ending up gushing for hours. Ruess, formally of The Format, has such an interesting and incredible singing style. Together with Dost, Antonoff, and all the other incredible musicians involved in creating their brilliant sound, they form a sound that can only be described as fun. But my incessant talking won’t make you like them. Just listen and decide for yourself.  

Check out their website for a free download of this song!

Just a couple of my favorite songs.

Check out their website, Myspace, and Facebook.
Preorder their new CD here, or, if you're feeling generous, preorder the whole sweet package for me! 


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