25 January 2012

Artist Spotlight: Ray Lamontagne

I love Ray Lamontagne. Maybe it's because his name is so much fun to say. Maybe it's because no one ever says they like Ray Lamontagne, so when I say I love Ray Lamontagne, I feel like I'm one of the elite few that knows who he is. Or maybe it's just that his voice is so soothing and wonderful, and has a marvelous raspy-ness to it. It's just wonderful.

All that being said, sometimes I feel kind of lame for loving Ray Lamontagne as much as I do. Sometimes I feel like only old fogies are supposed to love Ray Lamontagne, or adults with no life.
Whatever. I still love him. Here are a few of my favorites.

Check out his website.



earlynovemberlove said...

He is for old people? I had no idea. I saw a concert of his that was on TV recently and it was magnificent! I've always wanted to buy an album but am too cheap.

Scout said...

I don't know if he's for old people or not. I feel like he is. I also think they mentioned something about him on Parenthood one time - I just remember them mentioning him and that Adam was in a car with someone. Maybe Sarah.
And yes - I usually wait until I can get my CDs for about 5 bucks. Until then, it's too expensive.

Kelly said...

I'm not an old fogie!

I discovered him about four years ago, and have been crazy about him ever since. My favorite album is Till the Sun Turns Black. You?

Scout said...

I feel terrible for this, but...I don't have a favorite. As much as I love his voice and style, I actually don't know that much of his music... :/ I'll have to look into Sun Turns Black, though. You have pretty good taste, so it's bound to be great :)