30 January 2012

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy...

I am so drained.

First, as of tomorrow, I will have accomplished two of my new years resolutions- opening up an online shop and selling my photographs. I've been spending this month printing, framing, painting, clipping, crocheting, organizing, photographing, and making labels, price tags, and business cards. My shop opened one week ago (it feels like ages!) and I’m setting up my photos tomorrow in a local coffee shop. It’s going to be such a relief to be done! I can’t wait to rest for a couple days (hopefully reading Catching Fire) before starting a new project.

Second, I received terrible news today. I mentioned before that my laptop was very ill. It turns out her hard drive has kicked the bucket - bought the farm, if you will. I was given the very sad news today that I might lose everything. I was definitely bummed about this and, when I realized that "everything" included my music, I cried.
I really like my music.
Anyway, the guy is going to fix my computer and try to save some stuff. Hopefully he can save everything. Especially the music. (Also, talking about saving the music makes me think of one of those corny 80s movies, like Footloose or something).

And speaking of 80s movies, can anyone guess what came for me in the mail today? Anyone? Anyone?


P.S. If you’re in the Chambersburg area, stop by C&C coffee in February to see my photos!
P.P.S. Shame on you if you didn't know the answer.


earlynovemberlove said...

That is really sad about Myrtle :(
If you can't get your music back I can give you the stuff I have that you also had. We do have a good amount of the same, most likely. I hope you can get it back though!

Scout said...


walking dot photography said...

Congrats on the online shop!!!! I'm sorry about your computer, though, that really stinks. I always feel so lost whenever anything happens to any of my electronic equipment.

Scout said...

Thanks, Giedre! I'm actually going to get my computer back this week. I'm really excited to have it back, but nervous about how different it might be from before.
And I love your name!