29 January 2012


Not having my laptop has really thrown me off. I'm also slightly bummed because I read the first Hunger Games book and haven't been able to get my hands on the next two. So, here are some snapshots of what I've been doing this week, besides obsessing over the Hunger Games series.

The reflection of the ceiling on one of my framed photos. 

Guess which nefarious Harry Potter character this made me feel like. 



Julia said...

1. I love your snapshots posts. They always make me feel happy.

2. I'm glad you're enjoying the Hunger Games trilogy. I hope you get your hands on Catching Fire soon and that your laptop is fixed quickly.

3. I was at dinner with my grandmother and my parents the other night. My grandmother's chairs are new, and whenever you shift your weight a quarter of an inch, they're quite squeaky. So my dad (acting upon his internal 12-year-old) was intentionally making as much noise with his chair as possible. When my grandmother had had enough, she banged her knife on the table at the same time she said the words "I will have order!" I'm not lying when I say that it sounded almost exactly like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlDVvd__QUk. I thought you might appreciate that :)

I miss you!

Scout said...

1. Thank you! I like them, too. It's just mundane stuff, but I really enjoy them.
2. ME. TOO. It's crazy how bothered I am by those two things. I need a really good distraction. I'm thinking Harry Potter five. Which brings me to...
3. That's awesome. And a little bit scary. But awesome.
4. Also, I like you a lot.