23 January 2012

Ice Storm

There was an ice storm today. It's so beautiful to see the thin layer of ice that covers every individual branch.

I'm pretty sure I love winter more than most people, but...the more I look at these pictures, the more I wish for warm summer evenings and walking barefoot in the grass.

What are some of your favorite summer activities?



Him Who Has An Ear said...

I like to work out during the summer because it always feels better to sweat while working out - makes me feel manly. ALSO, I like to go to the beach, even though I don't go very often. And I like when the water is slightly cool. It isn't as refreshing when it's too warm, ya know? So I can lay on the beach, get nice and toasty, then poke myself in the water like a red hot branding iron and hiss my way into the waves.

Scout said...

1. Ew. Sweating while you work out does feel better, but I'd rather not sweat as much as one does when one works out in the summer heat. Guh-ross (I added an extra syllable to emphasize how gross it is ;) )
2. I like your description of you hissing your way into the water. Clever stuff, cuz :)