06 June 2012

Artist Spotlight: Don McLean

I've always loved McLean's American Pie, but it wasn't until I got the American Pie vinyl a couple weeks ago that I really listened to him. I feel like he's one of those one hit wonder artists - he has so much great music, but no one ever talks about him unless they're talking about American Pie. His style is folky, sometimes mixed with old style rock (like Buddy Holly type rock), and a lot of his songs have a sort of mournful tone to them. Anyway, here are some of his songs that I really like.

This is quite possibly my favorite.

This one just makes me laugh.

Now, if you haven't heard his song American Pie...well, shame on you. You need to listen to it right now. There's so much musical history in this song, not to mention it's simply amazing. Anyway, it starts off with Buddy Holly's death in February, 1953. Y'all should really look it up. He even dedicated the American Pie album to Buddy Holly!

Check out his website.



vvvv said...

i know american pie! good song!!

Scout said...

I love it! I'm so glad you know it :)