04 June 2012


Here are some photos from the past week or so - some of them are really dark, but...y'all, I am just too lazy to photoshop right now.

White fake Converse from the thrift store - my favorite color Converse.

Definitely bought some super cheap Silly Bandz, because I am so trendy.

Strawberry milk.

New vinyl - one dollar, yo!

Animal shaped paper clips.

Hershey Park - read more about it here.


I went to a life celebration for my aunt's step-dad who died last month. They wrote notes to him on balloons and let them go.

I also got to hang out with my cousins in D.C.
 While I was in the area, I also got to go to a jazz concert. I saw this guy - he and his band were pretty stellar! Plus, I love watching musicians. I love seeing the looks on their faces.

My mom said I should get a picture of the dove in her nest (can you see her?), so I was trying to see if I could find a good angle.

This is the picture I accidentally took when the dove flew away and scared me half to death.

How were y'all's weeks?



Krysten said...

Is that artist stationed in DC? If so I'll have to check him out when I get home.

Scout said...

I don't actually know. I think he graduated Georgetown or whatever it is.

earlynovemberlove said...

a) excellent song
b) Settlers, eh? Trying to understand that Doghouse Diaries comic? :P Tell me what the joke is, when you get it.