20 June 2012

Paul McCartney.

I've been getting into the Beatles again - meaning I've finally stopped listening to Buddy Holly and Don McLean nonstop. I discovered this gem on one of the records I picked up last week, and love it.

I also bought TIME's tribute to Paul McCartney, who turned 70 two days ago, on the 18th. Actually, even before reading this, I've been starting to pay more attention to Paul. I mean, he really does have killer vocals - think Helter SkelterHey Jude, Let It Be. Needless to say, I've been a pretty happy camper. 

Also, thanks to this post, I just spent about 45 minutes watching Beatles videos on Youtube. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song! 



erica marie said...

Love this post! I grew up listening to the beatles, singing the beatles, even learning how to play their songs...my dad is pretty much their biggest fan lol.

xo erica

Sally said...

Yay! If you haven't listened to all the Beatles' albums yet or watched all their films (Hard Day's Night, Help, etc.) I envy you, you have such a fun journey ahead of you! :) I might rewatch some of those this summer, good idea. And happy birthday to Paul!

Scout said...

Erica - I don't know...I like to think I'm the biggest fan of The Beatles ;)
Sally - I have seen Hard Day's Night - I love it! I'm going to rewatch it soon. I still need to watch Help!, though.