18 June 2012

Today I...

  • went to work
  • sang to The Beatles
  • mailed a postcard
  • wrote a poem
  • finished reading The Journals of Sylvia Plath (next: conquer Crime & Punishment so I can reward myself with Harry Potter 5-7)
  • drank super sugary caramel coffee
  • painted
  • listened to Peter, Paul, and Mary on vinyl
  • read poems by Oscar Wilde next to an open window (and overheard my neighbors making bird calls). 
Now I am bored. I haven't taken many photographs lately. I'm starting to miss it, but I don't know what to take pictures of - I feel I've exhausted my resources. I need to go somewhere new, do something new (crossing my fingers for D.C. next weekend). I'd also really like to be part of a photo shoot. 

What do y'all do when boredom strikes?