10 June 2012

Help - Twitter

Today's topic of conversation: Twitter.
It's been recommended to me several times this past week that I get a Twitter account, so I thought I'd get y'all's opinions. What do you think?
Do you have it? What do you like/dislike about it? What do you use it for - to update everyone on your life, to advertise blog posts, etc.? What are your little...Twitter names (so I can find you and follow you, if you want)?


P.S. Pictures post coming soon!


Krysten said...

I really like twitter (I like instagram better though). Do you have a smartphone? I think twitter is a little less nice w/o one, but it's still nice even if you have to use in on the computer. Sometimes I'll follow a few famous ppl that have twitters. I'll post my pictures from instagram there, also post about new blog posts. I'll use it to contact friends. I guess sometimes to update on my life. lol. Oh and my username is krystentravels.

Scout said...

Yeah, I don't have a smartphone - and I don't think I could afford one anytime soon :P So I also don't have instagram.
Isn't it just like...Facebook statuses?

Lindsay said...

When I tweet, it's usually blog promotion or other interesting tidbits about what I'm doing. I've become less and less of a fan, though, because I see it as self absorbed. I know that my blog's often all about me, but it's compartmentalized in it's own little space. Having everyone's egocentricity spilling out all at once just turns me off.
It's got its pros and cons, and it can be a good way to keep up with your friends' day-to-day, but I'm keeping my distance these days.

In the end, Twitter is what you make of it. You're not required to follow anyone. I say go for it.

My Twitter handle is LindsayEryn.

Meli said...

I just signed up for twitter last week, and I'm still not sure what I think of it yet. I have a few friends who don't use facebook very much, and twitter is a better way to keep in touch with them, so I like it for that. Also, the whole stalk-famous-people thing..hello, one direction.. I'm meliwhitney on there, if you want to be buddies!

Krysten said...

Twitter or instagram? With instagram you take a picture and you can add a filter to it and then it goes to the live feed and you can write something about it.

Sarah said...

I have a twitter account, @mrs_sworley. I use it mostly to promote my blog, follow other bloggers, keep up with companies I like and any new products they might be coming out with. I also follow several news sources. The way I see it, Facebook is private, meant for me to share with my friends and family. Twitter is a public business tool where I can share my blog to anyone and everyone.

Anonymous said...

I actually really enjoy Twitter, most likely because I am a journalist, but beyond that there are so many other things Twitter is helpful with. I share articles/blogs I've written, and promote other pieces that I've enjoyed (a good way to make connections). Then I also follow food trucks and chefs, news outlets, different shops I like, etc.

So yeah, it's definitely not like Facebook but it does take some time to find your comfort zone.


Scout said...

Hey, guys! Thanks so much for all of your input :)