03 June 2012

Hershey Park on Disposable Film

Last weekend I went to Hershey Park! It was so much fun. We started out the day by locking ourselves out of the house and then having to break back in so we could find the car keys - which we didn't find, so we waited for an hour until we could get the spare. When we finally got there, it ended up raining for most of the day - making the roller coasters so much more fun! On the way to the park we picked up some disposable cameras so we could capture some of the moments.

Walk this way [talk this way].

Super cheesy singing group.

One of the guys we were with stole my camera and was taking a picture of me - I had no idea my friend was going to kiss me, so it made for a great reaction :)

This was not supposed to be a picture of me.

Some kids were playing Ninja while we waited in line. I'm pretty sure they were cheating, though.

Did y'all know there's a zoo in Hershey Park? It was pretty great - unfortunately none of the pictures came out because it was so dark. I took this one in the gift shop - who knew dots could be so expensive?

You know what? It was really great to take pictures and not worry about the quality at all - to be taking pictures purely to capture the moment and not care at all that some of the pictures might suck. Maybe using more disposable cameras would help my rut



Krysten said...

I'm not sure how this whole commenting thing works. I feel like if I comment on my post you won't be notified or w/e.. so I'll just reply here.

Anna Karenina is such a long book and I've told myself that I can't read anything else until I finish.. which will be hard, but I'm hoping to stick with it. I wanted to go and buy game of thrones the other day, but I kept myself from it. I guess it's also a money saver. lol. I don't really have a problem with buying 10 rolls of film, but when I have to pay 15 bucks each to get them developed and put onto a CD that's a bit redic, so I'll be looking into purchasing a negative scanner. Sadly my camera lens broke so I'm currently unable to use my dslr. :(

Krysten said...
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Krysten said...

I'm a big fan of Keira Knightley and I knew one of her next movies was Anna Karenina.. and then one day I was in the bookstore and saw the book and I was like YES I shall read this. Game of Thrones is a show on HBO (I think), but I have a friend that really likes the books and we usually have the same reading taste so I thought I'd give it a try (before I watch the series).

Yeah I took my film to Ritz (which tends to be more expensive). I said never mind cause I knew I could get it done cheaper. I'm sure Costco is more reasonable, so I'll just wait till I get home. Oh, and about you being in town. I forgot to mention that I'm actually at school now taking a summer course. I come home on Thursday (thank the lord!) and then I'll be home for three weeks so I'll be trying to go to the beach at some point then. If not then later in the summer when I'm home for two weeks.

Developing film is so much fun (although it gets tiring after a while). I would definitely recommend doing it if you ever have the chance. I took film photography with Jess at community college. It was such a magical experience being able to process the film and then develop it and see the image appear before your own eyes. It's really cool.