13 June 2012

Thrifting - Shop Therapy

I have a serious problem - but at least it's not an expensive one. I love thrift store shopping. I can find tons of stuff for so cheap. This week, I got nine records for $8 (although they did take a lot of cleaning before they would work - but hey, it's worth it for The Beatles and Bob Dylan), seven books for $6 (thank you, library book store!), and two coffee mugs for 50 cents (I'm so addicted to coffee mugs...it will come in handy for after dinner coffee - you know, someday when I have my own house and throw dinner parties...).

(Okay, this one actually came in the mail, but I'm so excited for it, so I'm sharing it! Also...I'm beginning to realize how well the title depicts my personality...)

SO excited for these. Are any of y'all Agatha Christie fans?



Sarah said...

I have a coffee cup addiction....and a coffee addiction.

Scout said...

I'm pretty sure I'd drink a lot less coffee if I didn't love coffee mugs so much :P

vvvv said...

middle picture the bible????

Scout said...

Do you mean the burgandy and gold book? That one is works by Oscar Wilde - poems and I think short stories.

Courtney Snook said...

I can't believe you got Beatles and Bob Dylan records for such a cheap price! Awesome!! I love how the Oscar Wilde book looks. It's like your apartment would smell like rich mahogany haha

Scout said...

I couldn't believe I found them, either! They took a decent amount of work, but...it was a pretty stellar find :)