14 October 2012

A Beautiful Mashup

I am SO excited for this. Did y'all ever listen to Audio Adrenaline or DC Talk? I know Kevin Max (of DCT) sang for Audio A a few times way back in the day, and they recently announced that they're getting back together with Kevin Max as a new band member! I am SO so excited! They also have one of the guys from Superchick.
Check it out here.


Kelly said...

Colton knows some of those guys, and the kids in the video! His family is a big supporter of Hands and Feet, and Colton has traveled over there with them to shoot several promos and videos for the orphanage. It's a really cool organization, and I'm really glad the band is starting up again even though Mark lost his voice :)

Scout said...

Mark lost his voice?! I didn't know that! Like for good?

Kayla Peveler said...

Thats awesome!!! :)