19 October 2012


(Doesn't this remind you of Fern Gully?)

I went hiking on Sunday. We just walked along a local trail, but it was still really nice - the weather was especially gorgeous, and it gave me a chance to take some more Autumn photos.



earlynovemberlove said...

Mmm, this reminds me of everything I love about the woods. Especially the third picture. It's great. And yes, that does remind me of Fern Gully. I started to watch that recently and realized it is so much propaganda! I still loved it as a child though.

Kelly said...

It DOES remind me of Fern Gully.

Your photography skills are good. Beautiful forest!

JoBro said...

I just watched that recently (Fern Gully)

Tim Curry is the voice of Hexxus!!!

Scout said...

Andrea - I watched it a couple years ago. I can't believe how blatant that movie is, and I never noticed it when I was five! It still has great music, though :)

Kelly - thank you!

Andy - I know! I can't believe I only found that out this month. All those years, wasted...