15 October 2012


Work. Knitting. Hiking. Pride & Prejudice. Howl's Moving Castle. Two bubble baths. A relentless hunt for Tim Tams (they're supposed to start selling them in October). Photographing the Amish. Listening to the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack over and over.



Kayla Peveler said...

Beautiful shots, girl!


earlynovemberlove said...

Ahhh I love that part of the book! I listened to the soundtrack yesterday too! While I was doing homework outside. It was lovely.

Scout said...

Thank you so much, Kayla!

Kelly said...


I'm leaving for New York tonight on the red eye.

Let's switch places for a day next week. You can work on a movie, and I can bask in the beautiful autumn that surrounds you!


Scout said...

Heck. Yes. Just pick a day!
And have fun in New York :)

Patricia Picard said...

It is incredible how I can feel those moments, that song from Pride and Prejudice, knitting, I can almost feel the smell of those beautiful muffins! So inspiring, you have talent!

Scout said...

Andrea - who doesn't love that part of the book?

Patricia - thank you so much! You are too kind :)