15 October 2012

Happy Birthday, Broder!

This is my brother. And me. This is me and my brother. This is a picture of me and my brother.

He's pretty awesome. He cooks food for me when I visit him. We joke about Homestar Runner. We have a similar sense of humor (kind of a scary thought). We watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. We have good times. Anyway, today is his birthday. He's basically an old man. It's okay. I love him anyway.

(Aren't you glad you left this on my phone?)

Happy barfday, broder! I hope it's spectacular. And you're lucky I lost all of those pictures I took of you at your church fellowship (when you told me you wanted a blog post about yourself? Remember?). 



JoBro said...

HOORAY!! I'm a famous guy on a famous blog!

...and I really want to know what ze heck is the deal with that slide picture... :-S

Scout said...

I don't even care what the dealio is, because it's just so funny :)

vvvv said...

You are cute !