28 March 2012

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Thank you, Today's Letters, for always introducing me to amazing music.

Photo taken from his website.
Benjamin Francis Leftwich, or Benjamin Sandwich, for those of us that apparently can't read, is a musician from York. His voice is similar to M. Ward's, only softer. His music is light and somewhat folky. It's very relaxing, but not the kind that puts you to sleep. I highly recommend you check out his music.

Check out his website - and while you're there, stop by the free music section for a free download of some of Benjamin's covers!



Meli said...

Oooo this is nice. Also, the video was so pretty!

Scout said...

Dear Friend (that's also a shoutout to You've Got Mail, if you've seen it), You have good taste in music :) I think this guy is pretty rad.