05 March 2012

DIY: Dinosaur Necklace

I'm pretty excited about this DIY. You may or may not know that I sometimes work at a camp. One time while I was there, they had an archaeological dig themed event, including tiny dinosaur toys. When the event was over, I asked if there were any extra dinosaur toys and was given permission to take one.
This one, to be exact:

I was eager to make a necklace with it, so...I did. I wore it to my aunt's for Thanksgiving, where she promptly mocked me for wearing a necklace made out of a toy (this is how my family rolls, and I like it that way). In her mocking, she gave me a second dinosaur toy. So now I'm using it to show you how to make your own dinosaur necklace - unless, of course, you are too grown up for such things.


  • Dinosaur toy (or any other small toy you'd prefer to use on your necklace)
  • Pliers (not pictured) 
  • Necklace chain
  • Thick needle
  • Pushpins
  • Jewelry ring

First, use your pushpins to poke two holes in the top of the dinosaur. (You will feel a tiny bit bad for stabbing the dinosaur, but I assure you he won't mind). These little toys are insanely dense, so it's difficult to get a hole in them. You can really use anything, but for getting started, I found it easier to use the pushpins because they are short.
Once your hole is started, replace the pushpins with the needle, to make sure the holes connect. You also might want to be careful that you don't bend your needle, like I did. (I should have expected a dinosaur to be stronger than a needle).

Finally, use the pliers to open up your jewelry ring and push it through the hole. Once it is through, use the pliers to close the ring.

You're done! If you make one, I'd love to see pictures!



Lindsay said...

It kills some part of my childhood to see a toy dinosaur with a large pin through its back, but I would wear the finished product to school every day!

Scout said...

It was definitely a little difficult at first. I thought about making my dad do it for me, but he was busy and I'm impatient. The end product is so much fun, though :)