25 March 2012

Sunday Morning.

These are the songs I listened to (over and over) while getting ready for church this morning. They're pretty awesome, so I thought I'd share them with you :)



Julia said...

So I don't know two of the songs, but the song by Gotye is pretty catchy. I have to ask, though: am I the only person on this earth who thinks he sounds like Phil Collins?

Scout said...

I'm gonna say...yes. At least, I've never heard anyone compare him to Phil Collins, nor have I thought that myself (and I don't think I know many people that know Phil Collins), so...hm. Interesting. I'll have to listen to it again and think about that :)

Scout said...
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Julia said...

Fair enough :) But I promise, every time he gets to the chorus, I think to myself, "Hey, this could be the Tarzan soundtrack" :)